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"To set the standard on civil engineering, planning and consulting services for our clients.”

Our Mission



As a Small Disadvantage Business, Alligator Consulting Engineers, ACE, specializes in Civil Engineering throughout the United States. Established Advanced Wastewater Engineering in 2005 by George Miles to initially meet demands in the area in the North West. Expanding from sewer to covering all areas of Engineering. Alligator Engineering covers the Eastern United States, bring the same expertise and diligence to every project.
Our commitment to provide high-quality Engineering Services within the time frame and budget established. With our established network, we have the ability to contract for all Disciplines of Engineering from Roads, Water, Grading, Sewer Treatment, Septic Systems, SWPPP Generation, Project Management, and Construction Management.

Alligator Consulting Engineers, Inc. (ACE) was created by George Miles, P.E. and is headquartered in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. ACE and its partner firms has been providing licensed engineering, surveying, and consulting services throughout the Inland Northwest in the states of Washington, Hawaii, Idaho, and Colorado with great success as a leading firm in the civil engineering arena.  By design, ACE is a relatively small company in order to keep overhead to a minimum while providing the highest quality of affordable engineering, planning and consulting services. 

About ACE
About ACE

With our knowledge, we are able to provide a full service of Engineering scopes, including cost estimating, value engineering, and scheduling. Within the ACE network of Consultants, a proactive team approach to maintaining quality standards with each project is essential. In order to ensure the most efficient use of resources, we use Contractors to review each project to insure the most cost effective approach is being utilized. As part of the process, all parties will access one another through the appropriate channels of communication ensuring both efficiency in understanding and cohesiveness among the development team. In addition, we have expertise in value engineering and our ability to complete the project both on time and in budget. These qualifications allow us to meet the owner’s needs while providing a quality product.


ACE Advantages

Alligator Consulting Engineers, Inc. provides civil engineering, project and construction management, planning and consulting services to public and private clients.

Land Development & Planning
  1. Area/Corridor Master Planning
  2. Land Use Feasibility & Analysis

Storm Water Management Plans
  1. Reclamation & Reuse Systems
  2. Collection Systems
  3. Culvert Design
  4. Site Disturbance Plans
Water Systems
  1. Distribution System Analysis & Design
  2. Pumping Systems
  3. Master Planning & System Evaluation
  4. Water Quality Analysis
Wastewater Engineering
  1. Sewer System Capacity Analysis
  2. Master Planning
  3. Conveyance Systems
  4. Rate Studies
Construction Management and Inspection
  1. Road Realignment
  2. Roundabout Design
  3. Sidewalks & Pedestrian Paths
  4. Street Lighting Design
  5. Parking Lot Design
Environmental Services
  1. Assessments Phase I, II, III
  2. Environmental
  3. Remediation Services
  4. Groundwater Monitoring
  5. NEPA
  6. Soil and Groundwater Sampling
Commercial Services
  1. Site Development
  2. Layout and planning
  3. Construction reviews
ACE Services


4575 Acorn Way,

Edgewater Florida, 32141

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New office in Florida 2016

DUNS: 604251988    CAGE: 5T9V5

NAICS Codes:
541330  237210  More listing on SAM

Licensed and Bonded

George Miles, PE
Alligator Consulting Engineers, Inc


4575 Acorn Way,

Edgewater Florida, 32141

Phone: (386) 210-4472
Email: Website:


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